keskiviikko 25. maaliskuuta 2015

Still alive

Hey guys! As the headline says I'm still alive and kicking. Though I have been really busy with my diploma work, wedding planning and other projects.
     Anyway, first up here's a little update on my wedding planning. Couple weeks ago I got the foam roses for my bouquet that I ordered from eBay. I made this bouquet really quick just to ask my friends opinion about the colours and I think the final one will be only black and purple roses with green decoration and black tulle. All the green roses and probably some of the purple ones will be used in table decorations. These roses were really cheap (100pcs ~ 20€), they look really beautiful and even the quality is fine.

Then other thing is that we got our rings! The material is silver and my ring has also three stones in it. Colours of the stones are of course black, purple and green. My husband has same kind of rings only without the stones. What do you think? I absolutely love it! Sorry for the crappy picture quality.

by Hanna K Design
Then the biggest news: I finally finished my diploma work and as soon as I get the official papers I will be carpenter. Here's the picture of the drawers I made.

- MortuusAmor

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  1. Love the ring and the drawers, so pretty!^^ Congratulations on both; getting married and graduating! :)