maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2014

Exploring the ruins

I am really sorry for my absence lately. I will try to be more active with this blog next year, that will be my new year's promise. Anyway I got some news! Since I have been infiltrating everywhere here on internet now also my "alterego" MortuusAmor has her own Facebook page! Click here. There will be photos from my modelling projects and also when time comes there will be news about my burlesque performances. I actually have my first show with our burlesque class this weekend and that is really exciting, can't wait!

 I also bought a new wig from eBay. I had red hair but about a year ago I dyed it blond so now I can have my own blue hair on one day and the next day a lovely red hair, how perfect. This wig was really cheap (less than 10€) but it is actually pretty good quality for that price. No loose hairs and it doesn't look too plastic like the ones you can get from every halloween costume shop. Here are some pictures from last weekend when we visited ruins of an old spa with Ravenoaris and Mircea.

Photography & edit: Laura Jokinen Photography
Photography & edit: Laura Jokinen Photography
With Mirka Photography & edit: Laura Jokinen Photography
 ♥ MortuusAmor