sunnuntai 1. kesäkuuta 2014

New comicbooks!

I have bought some new comicbooks lately so this is just a quick and short post showing those to you guys. Tomorrow I will post something much more interesting especially if you like ink...

Tommy Kovac: Stitch #2. I bought this via eBay
Roman Dirge: Lenore vol. 2 #9 (bought via eBay)

Lenore issues from left to right: vol. 2 #3, vol. 1 #4 and vol. 1 #1 (all bought via eBay)

Jim Woodring: Problematic and Edward Gorey: Sekopäiset serkukset ja muita tarinoita (both from flea market for 11€, they were 50% off the price!)

Serena Valentino: Nightmare and Fairy Tales - Dancing with the Ghosts of Whales (I won this from giveaway)

I have also gotten some amazing gifts via the "Salainen ystävä postitusrinki" -gift sending group so here's also pictures of those. Pictures are not the best quality, sorry for that.

Ei-niin-salainen-ystävä -arvoteemarinki 2014

Kuopio-miittirinki 2014

Vain Pinterestistä -arvoteemarinki 2013

Synttäririnki 2014 (tammi-maaliskuu)
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