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My diploma work

Sorry, this post will be only in English.

I have been quite busy with my diploma work at school. As you might or might not know I'm studying carpentry/joinery and since I have already graduated from upper secondary school (Finnish school system, you can google it) it takes only two to two and a half years to become carpenter. I could have graduated this spring but I wanted to stay at school till September or October because we have all the special skills in the beginning of next semester. I mean stuff like lathe work, wood inlay and wood crafts.
     So my diploma work will be a rococo style chest of drawers. I actually wanted to make a bridge for garden but I had to come up with another idea because I was told that the diploma piece should have at least one moving part. I asked my mom if she wanted anything and she wished for a chest of drawers and that's how I ended up with this piece of furniture. First I had to search for pictures to get some kind of model for my work and I found the picture you can see below.

Photo from Google.
Since I'm not graduating yet I have lots of time to make this and don't have to stress about anything (well not yet at least..). I started designing in October and begun the actual work in April after I came back from Germany. Now I have almost gotten the frame done and it only needs few more grooves. Then I can paint it and glue it together, after that I can start making the drawers. Unlike in the model photo the final colour will be translucent white so that you can see the wood under the paint.

But enough of the talking, let's see the pictures! Sorry about the crappy smartphone quality.

Material: birch

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