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Inspiring people part. 1

Many bloggers have been posting lists of people who inspire them and I decided to do that too. I'm already horrified of how long my list will be. Hopefully I can keep it as short as possible and tell about the most important people only. This is devided in two parts (at least) so that the posts won't be too long to read. Most of the people on my list are artists or illustrators because I love their creations and comics with all my heart. But now I'll stop explaining and start doing what I was supposed to do!

Anna-Varney Cantodea
She is the genious mind behind the band "Sopor Aeternus and The Ensemble of Shadows" and there is only one thing I can say about her - She is the Goddess! I love her style and I love her music. She is huge inspiration to me in every possible way. I haven't been this fascinated of anyone before (well, if you don't count the time I was about 9-12 years old and totally in love with Lauri Ylönen. You know I was sure that some day I would be Mrs. Ylönen..)

Tim Burton

Another genious. What else can I say? I keep other blog all about the stuff I have collected about his movies so yes - Tim Burton is huge inspiration to me. All the characters he has created, (almost) all his movies are the part reason for why I am who I am today. I found goth style via his movies. Yes, I was a goth when I was teenager. Maybe I will post some old pictures here someday as a proof...

 Roman Dirge
He was the first comicbook writer/illustrator I came across with and through his work I found all of the other artists who inspire me nowadays. Dirge will always be the number one for me of all the comicbook writers and his character Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl is everything I love - cute but deadly.

Jhonen Vasquez

 He is the creator of the comicbook Johnny, the Homicidal Maniac and animated series Invader Zim. He is also one of my long time favourite artists and I have two of his characters tattooed on my skin. You might have noticed that all my tattoos are from comicbooks. I love Vasquez's twisted humour and I actually have bit of a crush on JTHM (yes, many people have crushes on fictional characters, it's perfectly normal right?)

Emilie Autumn 
 She makes amazing music and has even more amazing style. Her music has been there for me in good and bad times and I have gotten some inspiration to my own style from her. I actually had the dress you see in the picture custom made for my "prom dance" except I couldn't find the similar brown/black fabric so my dress is shiny black and blue,  not the exact copy of Emilie Autumn's dress though. It costs a lot but was 100% worth it. Here's the picture of the dress on me: (and yes it is an old picture, my hair has changed it's colour few times and years have passed)

 dress - custom made
top hat - eBay
cameo brooch - my grandmom's
bracelet - also my grandmom's

♥ MortuusAmor

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